DFS uses highly advanced drone technology in the state of Florida to greatly simplify tasks ranging from quantifying stockpiles, classifying and inspection pipelines, 3-D mapping, advanced crop scouting, industrial inspection, land surveying, HD video and photography and more!


Utilize Advanced agricultural drone technology for the farming and agriculture industries with intuitive, actionable intelligence that drives costs down and improves crop performance. Reap the benefits of precise crop scouting from above.


Aerial HD Video & Photo Services for Golf Courses, Real Estate, Constructions Development, Car Dealerships, Sport Events Coverage and more...


Aggregate, mining and construction customers can take advantage of drone surveying technology by generating a safe and automated workflow for stockpile measurements.


Easily monitor progress on your construction site performing aerial surveying, construction site monitoring and inspections. Drones can maneuver into hard to reach places, which makes them the perfect for inspections.


Real Estate Listings - Offering eye-catching, aerial views of your listing and the beautiful scenery surrounding it, drone photography & video is key in making your listing excel.


Ready-To-Fly, Right Out Of The Box. Comes with a small ground station complete with additional batteries, chargers, long range wireless connectivity, as well as an iPad for simplified field operations.


Diverse Flight Solutions Drone rentals. As a DJI Authorized Dealer we offer a renting service on consumer and industry drone packages. We ship a ready to fly package directly to you. RENTAL OPTIONS NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME


Don’t want to fly the drone yourself? That’s ok, We provide “Drones As A Service”.  Whether it be for an event, photo shoot, construction project, agricultural, Real Estate, or any other service. Let us do the flying for you.


New DFS customers automatically receive 25% off all industrial technology services. Don’t miss out on this huge savings. Limited Time Offer.

Industries We Service

Diverse Flight Solutions services a wide variety of industries. Whether your needs include crop data/monitoring, mapping & surveying, construction monitoring, emergency response & public safety, industrial inspections, golf course and aerial photography, real estate and more. Diverse Flight Solutions is at your service. Commercial drone services in Tampa, and surrounding areas.


According the the FAA, legal operation of a drone for business purposes requires a special airworthiness certificate in the experimental or restricted categories. Diverse Flight Solutions holds an approved Part 107 FAA-UAS Certification for all pilots, that authorizes commercial UAS operations according to the regulations. Engaging the services of a company without an FAA authorization, or flying a drone for your own business without a waiver, exposes your organization to countless liabilities including foregoing insurance protections and the incurring of regulatory penalties.

  • FAA Approved Flight Operations
  • Only FAA Licensed Pilots Flying on Your Project
  • No Threat of Being Shut Down
  • A fully legal operation, no insurance ‘loopholes’
  • FAA Waivers for Flying in Restricted Airspace
  • Fully Insured up to $2,500,000 Drone Liability Insurance

About Us

faa-licensed-remote-pilotDiverse Flight Solutions provides UAV equipment sales, rentals and services throughout Florida. We have over 20 years of combined experience. Our staff consists of the most knowledgeable engineers and experienced pilots the industry has to offer. Diverse Flight Solutions  can build any custom drone to suit your company’s needs. We also provide flight services with our own equipment at a low cost.

Our extensive knowledge in photogrammetry (the use of photography in surveying and mapping to measure distances between objects) allows us to take quick and accurate measurements of power lines, stockpiles, quarries, property topographicals, surveying and more. Our services offer a quick turn-around at a low cost. All of our pilots are FAA Certified Remote Pilots, Airman Certified with Small Unmanned Aircraft System Rating.

  • FAST

    24 Hour Turnaround Reporting – 80 acres analyzed in 15 to 20 minutes and reports back in 24 Hrs.


    You need information, we have answers. Tailored Technology to give you the dashboard information you need with over 99% accuracy.


    Fast, secure, automated and reliable. We provide a turn-key solution through highly reliable drone platforms coupled with cloud-based and tailored data analysis.


    Real time data and early detection equals increased net profits. When information is gained cost effectively, You make more money.

What others say about us

Roberto W.

“I am glad I found Diverse Flight Solutions. My luxury Real Estate listings have gone to a new level with the professional and quality fly over services. I will never list another property with out this valuable resource. Thanks DFS!”

Roberto W.Exclusive Luxury Real Estate
Earl T.

“Our crop scouting and pest control evaluation use to take hours, even days. Thanks to DFS and this new technology, we have been able to cut that time by at least 50%. This has allowed us to focus more of our time on keeping our customers happy.”

Earl T.Harvest Farm of Florida
Brenda K.

“I was truly amazed the drone could cover 100 acres in just 20 minutes. Having our Reports turned around 24 hrs was a huge selling point. Oh, and did I mention, Flying is the fun part! Thanks again to your team, you were a big part of helping us achieve our goals in lowering our costs.”

Brenda K.Florida Farm and Agriculture
William R.

“We have been using your drone technology for about 3 months now, Not only as surveying tools, but as marketing tool, as they can record the actual progress and conditions of a project during specific time frames, presenting those images to potential clients, investors, and/or lending institutions. We have seen the ROI within 60 days.”

William R.Construction Project Manager