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Florida Drone Technology Company Launches Pipeline Inspection and Classification into the Future

Tampa, Florida — In the natural gas pipeline industry, accurate identification—along with periodic verification—of High Consequence Areas (HCAs) is absolutely vital.  With stringent and costly government regulations on the rise, the need has never been greater for a quick, cost-effective means to analyze the demographics and physical environment inside the potential impact radius (PIR) surrounding […]

How Accurate is Drone Surveying

How Accurate is Drone Surveying in Quantifying Stockpiles? Drones in Mining and Aggregates, Part Three:  In Parts One and Two of this series, we covered the steps involved in drone surveying, and then looked at one company’s economic breakdown of the cost savings experienced by integrating a commercial drone into daily operations.  Drone surveying is revolutionizing […]

A Real World Look at How Aerial Surveys with Drone Technology are Revolutionizing the Industry

How Aerial Surveys with Drones Save Companies Money: A Real World Look Drones in Mining and Aggregates, Part Two In Part 1 of this series, we took a step-by-step look at our process of measuring stockpiles through aerial surveys in mining, aggregates and construction. The process itself is quick and efficient, particularly in comparison with traditional quantifying […]

How Drones are Used to Measure Stockpiles

How Drones are Used to Measure Stockpiles Drones in Mining and Aggregates, Part One:  Word is starting to get out about commercial drones, and their ability to provide valuable aerial data, functional 3D models and accurately measure stockpiles in a fraction of the time required using traditional methods.  While it’s not necessarily the drones that quantify the […]

Commercial Drone Services in Tampa

Welcome to DFS Commercial Drone Services! 100% FAA LICENSED Book your FREE consultation or demonstration today! Our mission is simple, to provide high quality aerial imaging and data collection in a safe, efficient and cost effective manner. We are a leader as a professional commercial drone operator/contractor. We provide aerial and ground based ultra high […]

Drones for Agriculture in Tampa

Drones For Agricultural Crop Surveillance Explore the benefits that DFS agriculture drones (A.K.A. UAVs or UASs) can offer modern farmers and crop scouting. Using drones for crop surveillance can drastically increase farm crop yields while minimizing the cost of walking the fields or airplane fly-over filming. Using our Imaging system, you can view composite video showing […]