With the DFS Drone System, aggregate companies can more efficiently measure stockpiles, manage inventories, and improve mine planning and operations. The fully-integrated and automated system requires no prior drone experience, avoiding the need for dangerous ground inspections and expensive third-party surveys. Save time and money. Improve site safety.

Drones for aggregate-miningAs you’ve probably heard, drone technology is set to completely revolutionize mining and aggregate operations nationwide. There are a number of reasons for this, but they really boil down to this: Superior data, much faster, and far safer.

The most obvious improvements that drones have brought to the industry are in the area of stockpile volumes. What used to take an 8 hr day or more to obtain an accurate measurement can now be completed in 15 minutes with a simple, automated flyover.

Here’s how it works:
  1. Fly Drone: Diverse Flight Solutions drones are fully automated, using a simple iPad, from takeoff to flight to landing, so no customer experience is required.
  2. Upload Data: DFS offers the most cost effective, efficient and interactive software on the market, that automatically processes the aerial and elevation data into interactive maps and 3D models in the DFS Cloud on the web.
  3. Measure Stockpiles: Identify any stockpile and automatically obtain the perimeter, area, volume and mass, for lightning-fast inventory reporting.
It’s really as simple as that!

Diverse Flight Solutions’ robust drone technology and software is ready to help mining and aggregate operations throughout the state of Florida streamline their processes and achieve maximum profitability.

Automated Flight – Simplicity personified: It takes off, flies and lands itself.Drone Aggregate Mapping

Fast and Accurate Map Processing – Simply upload data to generate a functional, high-quality map.

Elevation & 3D Models – Create and analyze futuristic elevation maps and 3D models.

Instant Measurements – Achieve accurate measurements in real time, including distance, area and volume.

Increased Safety – DFS drones allow for inspection and calculation without the liability and safety hazard of using manpower.

Collaborative Insights – Sharing maps and information with other users is easy and efficient, allowing everyone to stay focused and on the same page.

DFS customers report significant time and costs savings compared to ground and third party stockpile surveys, typically surveying their sites with DFS 2X more frequently, while spending 4X less time, with over 20% annual cost savings.

Sound good?  Contact us today and see how we can help you to streamline your mining and aggregate operation.