UAV/Drones for Real Estate Photography & Video

realestsate-portfolio1Why are drones being called the most important new breakthrough in real estate marketing since the advent of the Internet?

Differentiate Your Property with Innovative and Interactive Virtual Tours

Quality and creativity are taken to a new stratosphere with ultra high-definition photography and video as DFS drones equipped with high-tech cameras can take a prospective buyer through a seamless, realistic virtual tour.

Prospects can take a virtual stroll from the street to the walkway, right through the front door, continuing throughout the property. Highly detailed shots from above allow viewers to survey the yard, walking paths, a pool, and even proximity to local landmarks and schools.

Up until recently, presentations like this could only be obtained through manned aircraft at great expense, only supplying the limited view from above.

Inspections, 3D Modeling and More

DFS drones are also perfect for inspections by landlords or others. For example a roof inspection after a heavy storm can be carried out quickly and easily, while eliminating the safety hazard and liability of manned inspection.

What’s more, our state-of-the art technology creates accurate 3D models and maps from a simple automated flyover. These models provide great value to developers and builders.

DFS Automation Makes Flying a Snap

These machines are completely automated; they literally take off, fly and even land themselves, with simply instructions from an Ipad.

UAVs are primed to revolutionize real estate marketing. We at DFS are thrilled to help agencies throughout Florida take advantage of this exciting breakthrough.

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If you’re not 100% satisfied we will go out and reshoot the photos or video we are contracted to provide you.