Revolutionary Oil and Gas Pipeline Classification Technology

Diverse Flight Solutions uses the most cost effective, efficient and interactive software on the market to date to classify natural gas pipelines.  This advanced software was developed for the gas and oil pipeline industries to survey and classify pipelines in a fraction of the time and cost to do so using traditional methods.

While it once took 3-5 weeks of manual labor to collect the data needed to comply with the US Department of Transportation Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), DFS can now generate this valuable data in just 24-36 hours.

Pipeline classification metrics

DFS software quantifies # of structures per mile, total number of HCAs present as well as additional user-defined fields (PSI, DIA, etc). Landowner info (facility contact name, address, phone) is a simple click away.

Our software offers an interactive map viewer that features overlapping data with Class Location of Units (ex. school, manufacturing, single family, etc), instant pipeline segregation and classification (Classes 1-4), real-time drone imagery and a pipeline blast buffer zone.

Pipeline Class satellite vs drone

Satellite data is often outdated and leads to misclassification–which translates to exorbitant PHMSA penalties.

Our advanced drone technology and software saves operators from potential misclassification from outdated satellite data, extremely expensive manned flyovers and weeks of labor on the ground.

By combining data streams into one intuitive dashboard, the Detailed Pipeline Solution helps operators proactively respond to constantly changing events and risk exposures.

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