Next Generation Drone Technology

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Ready-To-Fly, Right Out Of The Box. Comes with a small ground station complete with additional batteries, chargers, long range wireless connectivity, as well as an iPad for simplified field operations.

  • Man Uses Drone for stockpiles

Rental Options (Not available at this time)

Diverse Flight Solutions Drone rentals. As a DJI Authorized Dealer we offer a renting service on consumer and industry drone packages. We ship a ready to fly package directly to you.

As A Service

Don’t want to fly the drone yourself? That’s ok, We provide “Drones As A Service”.  Whether it be for an event, photo shoot, construction project, agricultural, Real Estate, or any other service. Let us do the flying for you.


New DFS customers automatically receive 25% off all industrial technology services. Don’t miss out on this huge savings. Limited Time Offer.

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Diverse Flight SolutionsNext Generation Drone Technology

We are great at what we do

All of our pilots are FAA Certified Remote Pilots, Airman Certified with Small Unmanned Aircraft System Rating, and are Fully Insured up to $2,500,000 Drone Liability Insurance


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Core Services

  • Farm, Agricultural, Ranch & Environmental

    • NDVI, ENDVI & Crop Monitoring
    • Infrared & Near Infrared Maps
    • Identify Crop Stress, Track Rough Plants & Detect Early Infestations
    • Crop Insurance Claims
    • Agronomy, Crop Service, Soil Sampling
    • Environmental & Natural Resource Monitoring
    • Maps & Imaging for Site Plans, Wildlife Counts
  • Oil & Gas Piplines

    • Flare Stack Inspections
    • Storage Tanks
    • Gas Leak Detection
    • Safer & Quicker
    • Geospactial
    • Thermal & Structural
  • Mapping, Surveying & Measurements

    • Geo-referenced Orthomosaics
    • Topographic Overlays
    • Volumetric Extractions & Stockpile Volume Calculations
    • Automate The Measurement of Aggregate Stockpiles
    • Survey Grade Precision & Accuracy with Ground Control Points (GCP)
    • Survey & Inspect Property, Pipelines, Railways, Drainage Systems, Etc.
  • Construction & Commercial

    • Extreme Closeups of Points of Interest
    • Saved GPS Flight Plans for Comparative Progress, Time Lapse
    • Image Stitching for Architectural Plan Overlay
    • Site Monitoring & Progress
  • Real Estate Photography & Video

    • Showcase Listings with Aerial Perspective
    • Create Aerial Tours of Property
    • Stunning HD Footage
    • 24 Hr Turnaround
    • Optional Edited Video for Promotional Use
  • Promotional Aerial Imagery

    Cutting edge in aerial technology (UAV/UAS systems, or “drones”), aerial photography, and aerial cinematography to offer up dynamic solutions that can be individually tailored to your projects needs.

  • Search & Rescue/Industrial Inspections

    • Quickly Monitor Inaccessible Terrain
    • No Servicing Airport Required
    • Rapid Deployment
    • Emergency Response
    • Reduce or Eliminate the need for Personnel to Work in Dangerous Situations
    • Inspect Towers Close Up