Drone surveys a good fit for cotton growers

Agricultural drone surveys like those provided by Diverse Flight Solutions have been embraced by broadacre growers because of the massive advantages of aerial crop scouting over ground-based crop scouting in large fields like cotton. But are they really effective?

Although we see results for ourselves in the outcomes of surveys we perform for our customers, we also look to external research to validate what we’re seeing.

In June 2014, Cotton Grower magazine reported on the increasing buzz about NDVI surveys using UAVs in the cotton industry in the USA. The magazine saw this new technology as a game changer for growers and consultants in the cotton industry and one of the top priorities for the FAA (the US equivalent of CASA in Australia) for regulatory reform. In fact, the FAA had taken the bold step of joining in with a research program across six test sites in North Dakota to prove the value of UAVs (drones) in checking soil quality and crop health for cotton growers.

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