UAV (Drones) For Agricultural Crop Scouting

Drone Crop ScoutingEvery once in a while, a technology comes along that changes the whole game. When it comes to increasing crop yields and streamlining efficiency in crop scouting, the use of unmanned aircraft is a definite “gamechanger.”

Check out just some of the benefits you’ll experience by incorporating DFS Drone technology into your farm operations.

While this isn’t a brand new technology—the Japanese, for example have been using it to maximize yields for a few years—the U.S. and the FAA have finally opened the door for American farmers to reap the benefits of high-tech agricultural drones.

Up until now, farm operators that wished to take advantage of this technology had to either rely on highly expensive manned aircraft, costly and inconsistent satellite images, or hire a licensed pilot to legally operate an agricultural drone. As of August 29, 2016, the FAA began offering a UAS license test for commercial drone operators. Diverse Flight Solutions already has multiple licensed UAS operators on staff ready to help launch farming in Florida into the future.


Through the use of high-tech sensors and near-infrared technology, DFS drones supply agricultural specialists with a treasure trove of information that they can use to maximize yields and profits, including:

  • Crop HealthNDVI Sample Report
  • Fertilizer Usage
  • H2O/Drought Assessment & Monitoring
  • Yield Monitoring
  • Pre-Plant Field Assessment & Scouting
  • Plant Stress Detection
  • Plant Count
  • Disease Detection
  • Weed Detection
  • Biomass Estimates
  • Accurate Volumetric Data
    • Piles, hills, holes etc: An accurate volume is assessed with a simple flyover
  • Livestock Monitoring
    • Monitor movement, location & patterns of livestock easily and inexpensively

The advantages of using DFS Drone technology are nearly limitless!

So how does this work anyway? Click here to learn more.